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For 50 years we have been active in equestrian and currently support several riders in their athletic careers.

Lawrence Khalil


Born in Germany in 1991, he lived in Alexandira, Egypt, until he was six years old. Already in his youth, he took part in national and international competitions, which allowed him to establish himself early in the heavy class.

After training as a technical product designer, he devoted himself entirely to the how jumping and worked as a rider in high-class spring stables.

His longtime coaches Manfred Marschall and Bert Hejmann are among his companions. In recent years, he continued to establish himself successfully in jumping competitions up t0 1,50 m.

From 2017 he changed breeches to suits and has since been managing director of MARS Immobilien Verwaltungs GmbH. Which does not mean riding is neglected and he still manage to lead with his top young horses.

Melina Kissner

Melina was born in 1995 in Germany and has been enthusiastic about horses since she was four years old.

Already in her youth she took part in national and international competitions, which allowed her to establish herself in the advanced class of dressage. After her training as a legal assistant, she gained professional experience in an international plastics industry company and is now working for the family business KHALIL. Her trainers of many years, Holger Schulze and Hans-Peter Bauer, are among her companions. In recent years, she has put her knowledge and skills into the training and sells of young horses and ponies.

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