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Premiere of our new Trend- & Materialbox

2020 - a year that brought a lot of changes. The COVID crisis has shaken the whole world and revealed the effects of a global pandemic on all areas of life. We also had to enhance our way of operation and take the design process to the next level. Our international set up and network allows us to obtain information across industry hotspots worldwide.

One topic that has probably changed the most by the pandemic is the restriction to move within the usual framework nationally or internationally. What to do if travel and trade fairs are to be cancelled, further on?

With our trend and material box, we have created a product. A box that delivers the trade fair straight to your home. A platform for new materials, concepts and trends, selected by us on latest topics and innovatively prepa-red for your benefit.



In the first, exclusive edition, we look at the impact Covid-19 will have on tomorrow‘s design. Out of this, we derive new design strategies and develop materials for you, with answers to questions such as: ‘how can we change our consumer behaviour sustainably?’ or ‘how can space be shared, and protection and security guaranteed at the same time?’

We believe that design plays a crucial role in solving these problems and the deliberate use of innovative materials will accelerate this necessary development.

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